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We are gearing up for our U8/ADM program kick-off.  A few updates...
The Cincinnati Swords are deeply saddened to share the news of the...
Fall Hockey Training Program - The Cincinnati Swords are pleased...
Want to play hockey for free?  Just looking to reduce your fees? ...
Beginning this year for the 2017-18 season, all skaters, at least...
 The Kroger Co. has renewed their Community Rewards program...

We are gearing up for our U8/ADM program kick-off.  A few updates for planning purposes.

  1. Our meet & greet is scheduled for Sunday, August 26 from 1:30-3pm.  The kids will be skating so our coaches get a first look at the players but, more importantly, so they get to meet the other kids and get back on their skates after a break.  As returning players know, the first session has generally been when the coaches break the kids up into teams.  Because we are starting the season in September rather than late October, team placement will not be made until mid-to-late September. 
  2. At the meet & greet, we are asking all players to size for a jersey with their shoulder pads on.  We must place the jersey order on Monday, August 27 to have them in a timely fashion.  While we cannot guarantee each player will receive the size they request due to team selections being later, sizing all the skaters should give us a good idea of the appropriate range to order.
  3. At the meet & greet, we will have Bauer warm up sizers available if you are interested in getting a skate suit for your player.  The skate suits are NOT required but optional.  If you want to order a skate suit, you can do so on the website.  The online order is located at the bottom left and listed as “Online Store”.  Orders must be placed by 5pm on Thursday, August 30.
  4. Cyclones Night – We are pleased to announce that our mite players will once again participate on ice at the opening night for the Cincinnati Cyclones at US Bank Arena.  The event is scheduled for Saturday, October 13.  Our mite skaters actually get to go on the ice for the player introductions and national anthem.  In addition, assuming we sell at least 300 tickets, the Cyclones offer us an on-ice skate for all Swords attendees after the game.  We will have tickets available for sale at your meet & greet.  You will want to purchase your tickets at the meet & greet to be sure all the mite families are clustered together.  We do not sell tickets to the other teams until after your meet & greet and we generally sell 300-400 tickets.  The Cyclones have not increased the ticket price and each ticket is $11 and all players and family members will need a ticket
  5. MYHL League – We have learned that many programs including IHWC, Miami and NKY are pulling their U8 teams from the MYHL league in lieu of a strictly in-house program.  We plan to continue our participation in the MYHL but will need to determine what teams are remaining in the league.  We also will now plan to supplement any league play with additional non-league games for our U8 teams.  All Swords U8 teams will receive 7-8 hours of game ice on Saturdays with the idea that any teams your team schedules will reciprocate with games at their home arenas.  We will update as we learn more about the status of the league.

We are very excited the season kicks off in just a couple of weeks.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Ellen Metz, our ADM Commissioner, at or Jennie Tiemeyer at .

by Melanie Luft posted 08/12/2018

The Cincinnati Swords are deeply saddened to share the news of the passing of Joshua MortonStrauss.  Josh was the father of Ryan and Brennan MortonStrauss, long-time Swords players and currently at Moeller High School and husband of Kathleen, who has continued to volunteer for the Swords even though the boys are now playing for Moeller.  While some of you may not recognize the name, Kathleen is the face you've seen when checking your skater in for tryouts.  Josh will be greatly missed by his family, friends and the hockey community.  We ask that you keep the MortonStrauss family in your thoughts and prayers.  

The visitation is on Sunday, August 12 from 2-5pm at Mueller Funeral Home in West Chester.  The funeral mass will be at St. John's Catholic Church on Monday, August 13 at 11:00am.  ​A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help the family:  

by posted 08/09/2018

by posted 08/03/2018

Fall Hockey Training Program - The Cincinnati Swords are pleased to announce a new program for our high school/midget age skaters.  Our spring program has been extremely successful and we were not able to accommodate everyone this year.  Based on that we decided to have a skating program prior to the high school tryouts so skaters are at their best going into tryouts.  Coach Drach and staff will be running the program.  The program will run twice a week the last two weeks of August and then once a week in September and October.  The August sessions will be Mon/Wed from 6-7pm and the Sept/Oct sessions will be Wed 6-7pm.  The sessions will be a mix of skills/drills and then inter-session scrimmages.  The fee for 12 sessions is $250 per skater.  In addition, if the skaters would like, Coach Drach is willing to schedule some local games and/or tournaments.  There will be an additional fee to cover these costs if there is interest.  Jerseys for any games/tournaments would be loaners so no additional costs.  Registration has been opened at and click on “Register Online” on the left-hand side. 

U10 and U12 Pre-Team - The Cincinnati Swords has put together a new program for our U10 skaters needing more instruction before transitioning to team play.  The program will include a weekly skills/drills session on Friday nights beginning September through February.  In addition, we will schedule 5 home games against similar competition and hopefully receive reciprocal games from opponents.  Games will not be scheduled until late December or early January so the kids have become more comfortable on the ice.  For those skaters that are U12 (peewee) age, you can participate in the weekly practices.  We do not anticipate having  enough skaters at this age to do games so we will prorate any U12’s fees. This is a great transition from a Learn to Play program to a team environment.  To register, please go to and click on “Register Online” to sign up.

Camera Program - The Swords Board of Directors is pleased to announce that for the 18-19 season, teams will be able to sign out a pair of cameras for the season in order to film games and/or practices.  The cameras mount to the glass by suction cups and the game footage can be downloaded to a computer for team/family viewing.  We will have a short training session in the fall about camera usage and video room usage for all participating teams.

by posted 07/17/2018



The Lessons, Camps & Clinics Page can be found in the left navigation panel on the Home page. 

by posted 07/05/2018

by posted 06/11/2018

Want to play hockey for free?  Just looking to reduce your fees?  You should consider CharityMania’s Football Mania Sweepstakes.  Last year, Swords families reduced their fees by over $10,000 participating in this program and we were able to award almost $4,000 in winnings to our supporting families.  So how does it work? 

CharityMania/FootballMania Sweepstakes – You sell Football Mania tickets for $20 and keep $14 of this fee or 70%.  This is not illegal gambling.  What are you selling?  You’re selling an access code to digital music and giving away a football sweepstake.  What are you giving away?  You are giving away a Football Sweepstakes which gives the owner of the ticket the opportunity to win weekly prizes based on the NFL game results.  Ticket owners can win weekly $400, $200, $100, $50 or $25.  Also there is a grand prize of $1,000 and $275 at the end of the season. 

How does the ticket work?  The ticket has all 17 weeks of the NFL season on it and each week the ticket holder gets three randomly generated NFL teams.  Basically for your three teams you add up the total points the teams score for the week.  If it’s the highest combine score for the week, the ticket holder wins $400; second highest $200, third highest $100; next 5 highest score $25.  If the ticket holder scores the lowest combine total you win $50; next 2 lowest scores $25.  So each week 11 prize winners are selected.  There is also an end-of-season grand prize of $1,000 for the highest valued card of the season and $275 prize for the lowest valued card of the season.  There is also a way for your team to still count even if it’s their bye week and there are tie-break rules in place as well.

What are my costs?  THERE ARE NO UPFRONT COSTS TO YOU!  CharityMania keeps $6 per ticket registered but you do not pay that amount until you SELL the ticket and it’s registered on their website.   We will get sponsors to purchase tickets to cover the printing and shipping/handling charges.  We would like all families to sell 90% of their order as unsold tickets result in reduced winnings.

How do I participate?  Email Melanie Luft at by Thursday, May 31 with the number of tickets you would like to order.  We will place one order for all our tickets to reduce the shipping/handling portion.  We should have the tickets in hand and ready for pick up at Sports Plus one week later.  You then sell the tickets and collect $20 per ticket (cash or checks payable to Cincinnati Swords) and the completed ticket stub which includes the purchasers name, address, phone and email.  You can sell tickets until Friday, August 31.  At that time, you will need to turn in your monies and ticket stubs.  We will register all the sold ticket stubs with CharityMania, pay CharityMania their $6 per ticket and credit your account for $14 per ticket.

Okay I ordered by tickets, I’ve sold my tickets and you’ve registered them.  What happens after that?  CharityMania handles it from that point on.  They calculate the winners and will notify us of any winners in our group.  They transfer the winnings to us so we can pay our winners and send thank you notes.  We will then pay the winners directly and announce them on our website. 

Linked here are the CharityMania fact sheet and a copy of a sample card.  Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information.  I can be reached at .  We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to help with your hockey costs.  The more tickets we sell the more opportunities we will have for winners.  This past year we had $25, $50, $100, $200, $400 winners!

Important Dates To Remember:

Thursday, May 31 – place ticket order via email ( )

TBD - pick up tickets from office at Sports Plus (anticipated date between June 7-14)

Friday, August 31 - return tickets and money to office for registration with CharityMania

by posted 05/17/2018


by posted 04/15/2018

Beginning this year for the 2017-18 season, all skaters, at least one parent and all coaches (head, assistant, on-ice helpers) must comply with OH Senate Bill 252 (Lindsay’s Law).  Below is general information about the bill and the requirements.  Even if you do not live in Ohio, if you are participating on a Swords team, you must complete the requirements. 



Lindsay’s Law: Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth Athletes

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

A Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) occurs when the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating, cutting off blood flow to the brain and other vital organs.  Sudden cardiac arrest is fatal if not treated immediately, most often by a defibrillator.

Who is Lindsay?

Senate Bill 252 is named for national heart health advocate and former Miss Ohio Lindsay Davis who suffers from a heart condition and has since dedicated her career to raising awareness of this potentially fatal condition.

"Sudden cardiac arrest is the number one killer of student athletes," said Davis. "At any moment I could have died because coaches and teachers had no idea this was even a possibility for someone who looked as healthy as I did at that age."


Lindsay’s Law

Lindsay’s Law, Ohio Revised Code 3313.53103707.58 and 3707.59 went into effect in 2017.

In accordance with this law, the Ohio Department of Health, the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio High School Athletic Association, the Ohio Chapter of the American College of Cardiology and other stakeholders jointly developed guidelines and other relevant materials to inform and educate students and youth athletes participating in or desiring to participate in an athletic activity, their parents, and their coaches about the nature and warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest.

The following resources were developed to implement Lindsay’s Law:

For parents/guardians and youth athletes:

For coaches:

  • If you are a coach for an interscholastic sport and are licensed by the Ohio Department of Education, please visit their website for information about their training requirements around Lindsay’s Law.
  • If you are a coach in a community program, please use the following resources:


ODH Contact Information

Ohio Department of Health
School Nursing Program
246 North High Street, 7th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

Telephone: 614-466-1930


Page Updated: 7/10/2017


by Melanie Luft posted 09/21/2017

 The Kroger Co. has renewed their Community Rewards program for the 2016-17 year.  ALL CURRENT PARTICIPANTS must re-enroll to continue earning community rewards.  To re-enroll log into your Kroger account and on the Account Summary page under "Community Rewards" at the bottom you have the option to re-enroll.  Please be sure your organization is listed as Queen City Hockey Association and the NPO number is TT350 as there are several Queen City Hockey Association listings.  Your re-enrollment period will begin May 1 even if you re-enroll now.  This re-enrollment does not have an impact on your 2015-16 account.

If you have not participated in the past but would like to for the 2016-17 season details on the program and how to enroll are listed below.


The Cincinnati Swords have enrolled in the Kroger Community Rewards program for the upcoming year and are pleased to offer ALL members the opportunity to participate.  You must register your Kroger Plus Card Number online and select Queen City Hockey Association (NPO Number TT350) as your participating organization (see detailed instructions below).  Once you are registered, you only need to use your Kroger Plus card and you will accumulate rewards.  Quarterly, Kroger will distribute $1,000,000 to all participating organizations based on their percentage of spending.  Our allocation of the Kroger funds is outlined below.
We hope that all Swords families will participate to help offset their hockey costs.  If you have any questions, please email Melanie Luft at or call 513-407-0222.  You must register by May 1 to maximize your benefits.  You must register with the NPO number TT350; old CAHA or Queen City team participation numbers are void.
The Kroger Co. will distribute funds on a quarterly basis with statements and donations being sent on or before September 15, December 15, March 15 and June 15. 
Families will need to provide an email copy of Kroger funds earned each quarter and funds will be applied directly to a skater's program.  Funds can be used for any Swords or Sabres online registration.  Your friends and family may also sign up on your behalf but will need to provide the necessary information to us each quarter for you to receive credit.

 If a skater’s family decides to no longer participate with Queen City Hockey Association  and has outstanding funds, all funds will be allocated to the general fund as we are not allowed to distribution funds to individuals and all funds must be used for our organization’s purpose which is youth hockey.  Funds can be held for up to four cycles.  After that, any unused funds will be transferred to the general fund.
Already a Kroger Community Rewards Participant?
Go to

Click on “Sign In” and log into your account

Under Community Rewards click Re-enroll and enter Queen City Hockey Association in the Search bar

Be sure to select Queen City Hockey Association TT350 and click Enroll at the bottom
New to the Kroger Community Rewards Program and have a Kroger Plus Card?
Go to
Click “Create An Account”
Enter your email address and create a password
Enter your Store Preference (be sure to do this)
Enter your Kroger Plus Number or Alternate ID

Click Enter – this creates a general account and then you need to sign up for the Kroger Community Rewards outlined above.
New to the Kroger Community Rewards Program and do NOT have a Kroger Plus Card?
You must obtain a Kroger Plus Card at your local Kroger Store and then complete the steps above.


by posted 04/07/2015
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