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 We have received our fourth quarter distribution from...
The Cincinnati Cyclones continue their march for the Kelly Cup: Dates...
First Fundraiser for 2019-20 season  --  Want to play hockey...
New 2019 Concussion Management Program and Return to Play Forms
By USA Hockey, 03/15/19, 10:10AM MDT   Player safety is...
Mid-Am Hockey in conjunction with USA Hockey requires any adult that...
If you have not participated in the past but would like to details...

 We have received our fourth quarter distribution from Kroger.  I checked my personal account and it has been updated so I am assuming if you are participating yours has been updated as well.  Please send me your information if you are participating no later than 5pm on Wednesday, May 29.  I will be on vacation until Monday, May 27 so I will not update until Thursday, May 30.  If you have not received a confirmation email from me by Friday, May 31, please resubmit your information.


Below are the directions for determining your Kroger funds.  Please follow them as stated below and if you run into any problems, please contact Kroger directly.  Please try to confirm that the amount has changed from your last submission as they do not date the information posted and it is difficult for me to check everyone's past balance.  These funds can be used for any 2018-19 program.  

  1. Go to
  2. Log in by clicking on "Sign In" about 2/3 down the page.    DO NOT log in by the “Sign In” at the top.
  3. Enter your email address and password.
  4. The next page that comes up should read View Your Rewards Detail (click on this).
  5. The bottom box of information is labeled “Community Rewards”.
  6. Highlight the information in the entire box and copy it.  You can do this by highlighting and RIGHT clicking your mouse and selecting copy or you can do this by highlighting and clicking CTRL C on your keyboard.
  7. Once you copy the information, open your email and where you would type text, paste the Community Rewards information.  Can be done by putting your curser in the text box and either RIGHT clicking your mouse and selecting paste or by clicking CTRL V on your keyboard.
  8. In your email subject line, please type Community Reward, YOUR NAME, YOUR SKATER’S NAME and send the email to me at .

If you are someone who has multiple people helping you out, you may want to contact them and ask them for their log in and password information so you can get the information.  That is clearly up to you.  I can take the information from you or from them.

Here’s some general information Kroger’s passed along with their information email that the check was going to be coming soon.

We cannot enroll or create online accounts for supporters over the phone.  If you have a supporter who is experiencing issues with their online account please have them contact our dedicated online support team at 1-866-221-4141.

If they have forgotten their email address, need to update their Kroger Plus Card information or change their alternate I.D. (the phone number they use at the store) please have them contact our loyalty department at 1-800-576-4377, option 4, then option 3 to update.

If your supporters do not see the Community Rewards message at the bottom of their receipt, please have them contact us at 1-800-294-4438 option #2.  We will contact the appropriate personnel to have the problem corrected.  Supporters may also call us for previous cycle donation amounts or to double check that they are enrolled.

by posted 05/10/2019

The Cincinnati Cyclones continue their march for the Kelly Cup:

Dates for the 2nd Round are below with all games beginning at 7:30 PM.

Saturday, May 4th Game 5 

Tuesday, May 7th (Game 6 – if necessary)

Wednesday, May 8th (Game 7 – if necessary)

CYCLONES RAFFLE UPDATE - We are pleased to announce that the Cyclones will continue to provide us with a fundraising opportunity for the 2019-20 season.  Sign up to work the 2019-20 season will be available shortly after the Cyclones finalize their 2019-20 schedule.  Please watch for updates on the website!  Thanks so much to the Cyclones!

NOTE:  We began this fundraiser after the first the year and our families have raised approximately $6,000 in that short amount of time.  DON'T MISS OUT!





by posted 05/01/2019

First Fundraiser for 2019-20 season  --  Want to play hockey for free?  Just looking to reduce your fees?  You should consider CharityMania’s Football Mania Sweepstakes.  Last year, Swords families reduced their fees by over $10,000 participating in this program and we were able to award almost $3,000 in winnings to our supporting families.  So how does it work? 

CharityMania/FootballMania Sweepstakes – You sell Football Mania tickets for $20 and keep $14 of this fee or 70%.  This is not illegal gambling.  What are you selling?  You’re selling an access code to digital music and giving away a football sweepstake.  What are you giving away?  You are giving away a Football Sweepstakes which gives the owner of the ticket the opportunity to win weekly prizes based on the NFL game results.  Ticket owners can win weekly $400, $100, $50 or $25.  Also there is a grand prize of $600 and $250 at the end of the season. 

How does the ticket work?  The ticket has all 17 weeks of the NFL season on it and each week the ticket holder gets three randomly generated NFL teams.  Basically for your three teams you add up the total points the teams score for the week.  If it’s the highest combine score for the week, the ticket holder wins $400; second highest $100, third highest $50; next 12 highest score $25.  If the ticket holder scores the lowest combine total you win $50; next 2 lowest scores $25.  So each week 18 prize winners are selected.  There is also an end-of-season grand prize of $600 for the highest valued card of the season and $250 prize for the lowest valued card of the season.  There is also a way for your team to still count even if it’s their bye week and there are tie-break rules in place as well.

What are my costs?  THERE ARE NO UPFRONT COSTS TO YOU!  CharityMania keeps $6 per ticket registered but you do not pay that amount until you SELL the ticket and it’s registered on their website.   We will get sponsors to purchase tickets to cover the printing and shipping/handling charges.  We would like all families to sell 90% of their order as unsold tickets result in reduced winnings.

How do I participate?  Email Melanie Luft at by Monday, May 13 with the number of tickets you would like to order.  We will place one order for all our tickets to reduce the shipping/handling portion.  We should have the tickets in hand and ready for pick up at Sports Plus the week of May 27.  You then sell the tickets and collect $20 per ticket (cash or checks payable to Cincinnati Swords) and the completed ticket stub which includes the purchasers name, address, phone and email.  You can sell tickets until Friday, August 30.  At that time, you will need to turn in your monies and ticket stubs.  We will register all the sold ticket stubs with CharityMania, pay CharityMania their $6 per ticket and credit your account for $14 per ticket.

Okay I ordered by tickets, I’ve sold my tickets and you’ve registered them.  What happens after that?  CharityMania handles it from that point on.  They calculate the winners and will notify us of any winners in our group.  They transfer the winnings to us so we can pay our winners and send thank you notes.  We will then pay the winners directly and announce them on our website. 

Linked here are the CharityMania fact sheet and a copy of a sample card.  Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information.  I can be reached at .  We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to help with your hockey costs.  The more tickets we sell the more opportunities we will have for winners.  This past year we had $25, $50, $100, $400 winners!

Important Dates To Remember:

Monday, May 13 – place ticket order via email ( )

TBD - pick up tickets from office at Sports Plus (anticipated date between May 28-31)

Friday, August 30 - return tickets and money to office for registration with CharityMania

by posted 05/01/2019
New 2019 Concussion Management Program and Return to Play Forms

By USA Hockey, 03/15/19, 10:10AM MDT


Player safety is the top priority of USA Hockey. That’s why updates are being made to the Concussion Management Program and Return to Play forms for the 2019-20 season.

Kevin Margarucci, USA Hockey’s manager of player safety, answered questions about the changes, how they’ll be implemented, and how they’ll enhance the youth hockey experience.

Q: What's new with the Concussion Management Program?

A: Beginning with the 2019-20 season, any athlete held out for concussion evaluation or who has been diagnosed with a concussion must provide a written Return to Play form from a qualified medical provider allowing them to return to any training, practice or game activity with no restrictions. The parent must sign the form and the coach must also sign the form acknowledging that they received it.

Q: What do parents, coaches, managers and volunteers need to know about the Return to Play form?

A: The form will be available online in April for the new registration season, and it will be required starting with the 2019-20 playing season. The form can be printed and filled out, and then must be signed by a qualified medical provider. The parent and coach must then sign the form. It should be kept with the team coach or manager. We are working on a system where the forms can be filed with the district player safety coordinator and we can begin an injury database for concussion incidents. The data will be de-identified for privacy and HIPPA compliance. I should note that beginning with the 2019-20 season, a new volunteer position called Player Safety Coordinator will be implemented in each district (see more information here).

Q: Who counts as a qualified medical provider that can sign off on Return to Play?

A: That is defined differently in each state statute as it pertains to concussions. This is an area where the district player safety coordinators will work to clearly identify those health care professionals in each state who can legally clear a player to return after a concussion.

Q: Has USA Hockey been trending in the right direction with its emphasis on concussion prevention, management and return-to-play protocol? How will this be another step forward?

A: Our concussion management program has always been updated based on the latest research and recommendations. It also aligns with the 2017 Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport from the 5th International Conference on Concussion in Sport in Berlin. Many state statutes pertaining to concussions require written return to play. Some of our districts and affiliates already require written clearance for return to play. This latest update aligns all of USA Hockey with this written return to play requirement and provides a standard form for use by all.

Q: Is the culture surrounding concussions making progress in youth hockey?

A: I believe so. The awareness and recognition of concussions has grown by parents, coaches and players. The mantra, ‘When in doubt, sit them out’ is a guiding principle that has taken hold in our sport and something we will continue to reinforce. And a relatively new initiative through the Concussion Legacy Foundation that we’ve supported is called Team Up, Speak Up. It’s focus is to let players know it is OK to, and that they should, speak up for a teammate who may have a concussion and report to a coach, parent, doctor or athletic trainer.  It’s great to see the progress we’ve made, and together we will continue to affect positive change related to the overall safety of our game.

by posted 03/26/2019



ADM Program History and Principles:

USA Hockey launched the American Development Model (ADM) in 2009 providing a detailed blueprint for optimal athlete development.  By giving your child the ADM experience, you’re positioning them for long-term success.  It’s proven programming, built on qualitative and quantitative research from leading hockey nations, sports scientists, coaches and educators.  As the basis for youth hockey in the US, the ADM provides:

  1. Age-specific, age-appropriate skill development.
  2. An opportunity to efficiently learn and refine essential skills without an over-emphasis on winning games at the younger age classifications.
  3. A sensible practice-to-game ratio.
  4. High-performance practice and game programming that emphasizes skill development, competition, engagement and FUN.
  5. Structured training programs for coaches and qualified adult leadership.
  6. A philosophy that reduces burnout and disenchantment.

USA Hockey also has an ADM specific webpage and it can be accessed at

2019-20 Cincinnati Swords ADM Program Specifics:

Ellen Metz will continue her role as ADM Commissioner and Learn to Play Hockey Program Director.  Ellen comes with a strong hockey background, is a Level 4 certified coach and is also a preschool teacher.  She has worked with youth on and off the ice at all age levels from mites through high school. 

For the 2019-20 season, the Cincinnati Swords will again be emphasizing the USA Hockey ADM principles.  There will be a focus on skater development and FUNdamentals.  This is the time when a foundation is laid for future success.  Fun competitions will also be introduced through a team environment.

Our ADM sessions will run from the beginning of September through late February/early March and include an on-ice session for players to work on their skating skills, stickhandling, puck control and positioning.    Additionally, there will be weekly “team” practices on shared ice with another team.  We anticipate these sessions being held on Mondays and Fridays but will not be able to finalize until after the older team tryouts. 

NOTE:  New this season, we will kick off the season with a mandatory parent meeting on the first meeting date.  The kids will take the ice with the coaching staff while the parents met with the ADM commissioner.  We will take the first 3 weeks of the season (both Mondays and Fridays) to work with the players and get to know them.  We will not form teams until after these three weeks.  There will be a three-week schedule where we rotate the players and after we set teams, there will be a set schedule based on team placement.

Finally, we will have weekend sessions that will be a combination of practices and games.  All game sessions will be cross-ice pursuant to USA Hockey and MID-AM policies.  For these games, teams will have cross ice scrimmages with other local associations.  The season will cap off with an end of season tournament.  Teams will also receive an additional tournament event as part of their fees.

Financial Information

A final cost will not be available until after the evaluations but we anticipate it will be in line with last year’s fee of $995 if registered w/deposit by May 15, 2019.  Please be sure to review the refund policy which is posted on the website and also included in your registration.  Your fee includes:

14-16   60-minute half ice team sessions
14-16   90-minute full ice ADM sessions
8-10     weekend game/practice sessions
League Fee/League Tournament
Additional Tournament
Jersey w/Name & Number & Sock
End of Season Award
Administrative/Membership Fee

Registration for our Fall/Winter Programs will open on April 1 when USA Hockey makes the 2019-20 membership available.  To register, please go to and click on Register Online on the left-hand side. 

We are very excited about the upcoming 2019-20 season.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Ellen Metz through or Jennie Tiemeyer at .



by posted 03/25/2019


PDF Format - Click HERE.

PDF Schedule - Click HERE


Spring training will soon be underway and registration for 2019 is now open!  We will continue the program developed last year with its emphasis on tryout preparation including practice with the small area battle drill we added to last year’s tryouts.  The program will be split between individual skill development, small area battle drills and scrimmages.  Each head coach will be given a curriculum which includes skating skills, puck fundamentals, introductory and enhanced checking (age appropriate) and team play.  Activities will include stickhandling, passing, shooting and team concepts.  Small area battle drills and scrimmages will be used to reinforce the learned skills in a game environment.

NOTE:  We have added 2 sessions for a total of 12 instead of 10.  When we looked at the spring break calendars, we realized that most participants may miss at least 1 if not 2 sessions so we added a couple so the kids would not miss out.  We have NOT increased the fee to cover these additional sessions.

This year our tryouts will again include an additional on-ice session of small area battle drills for ALL skaters.  Battle drills may include 1v1, 2v2, 1v2, 2v1, dump&chase and puck control w/pressure scenarios.  These drills will be focused on during spring so our skaters are ready for the new session.

Our spring training will be held over six weeks.  The first three weeks (March 23-April 11) will be just prior to our 2019-20 team tryouts.  Coaches will be working with the skaters to get them ready for the week of tryouts that all players will attend.  Tryout drills will be practiced during the spring training program.  The last three weeks of spring training (April 23-May 11) will be geared to letting the kids showcase what they have learned with an emphasis on having fun.  We have worked hard to select quality coaches and put together a curriculum where every child can become a better hockey player.

 We are excited to offer a significant discount to those skaters that register early for our spring program.  Please be sure to read all the details so you don't miss out.

Program Format

Sessions will meet twice a week for 65 minutes on ice (one time during the week and one time on Saturday morning) beginning Saturday, March 23 and concluding Saturday, May 11.  There will be a week off for our 2019-20 tryouts.

Mite Eligibility

If your mite is a birth year 2010, they can register in our SQ session.  If your mite is a 2011 and you would like them to participate in the SQ program, please email Jennie Tiemeyer at .  She will reach out to your skater’s current coach and the spring coaching team.  If agreed to, Jennie will send you a link to register your skater.

High School/Midget
Please see separate announcement regarding our 2019 Spring High School program as our High School coaching staff has developed a new program.  Click HERE for details.

Checking Basics & Technique Clinic
We will run a checking clinic for our new BT skaters as part of the spring program.  There will be an on and off ice session and the BT sessions will have a strong checking component.  The checking clinic will be offered to all age-appropriate spring participants and is mandatory for first time Bantam players (2006) and any player 2005 birth year or older who is a first-time hockey player.  Goalie attendance is optional. The clinic provides an excellent environment for the players to transition into this important skill.  It is scheduled for Saturday, April 6 at Sports Plus (8am-9am Video in Fitness Center; 9:15am-10:45am on ice).

Goalie Price Reduction
Goalies have a separate registration as we reduce the price for goalies.  We will accept goalies on a first-come basis.  The fee for our goalies is $175 if registered by the early registration deadline and $225 thereafter.

Age Levels
USA Hockey age levels for 2019-20 will be used in the Spring Program.  They are: Squirt (09-10), Pee Wee (07-08), Bantam (05-06), High School/Midget (2001-04; 2005 Freshman).  Note:  if a 2005 player is a rising freshman for the 2019-20 school year, they can participate in the HS/MG or the BT session. 

Online registration is by session so please be sure you are registering for the correct session.  

Sessions                                                                                      Coach Staff

Squirt (2009 and 2010; 2011’S with approval)                      Kyle Robinson & Staff
Wed Peewee (2007 and 2008)                                             Andrew Backen & Staff
Tues Peewee (2007 and 2008)                                             Ryan Hurley & Drew Kariofiles
Bantam (2005 and 2006)                                                     Danny McDonald $ Staff
High School/MG (2004-2001; 2005 rising freshman)               Greg Drach & Staff

Important Dates
February 1:                  End of early registration discount
March 18:                     Registration cutoff

March 23:                     Season begins
April 6:                         Checking Clinic (8-9am video; 9:15-10:4am on-ice)

Spring Fees Based on Full Registration AND Payment ON or BEFORE:   

Early Registration by 2/1/19

Squirt/Pee Wee                $225 (REDUCED FROM $275)
Bantam                            $275 (REDUCED FROM $325)
High School/MG               $300 (REDUCED FROM $375)
Goalies                             $175 (REDUCED FROM $225)


ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY AVAILABLE AT: click on “Register Online” on the left-hand side of the home page.  

by posted 03/12/2019

Mid-Am Hockey in conjunction with USA Hockey requires any adult that interacts with players to be sure to have the following items completed:

1.  Obtain a USA Hockey number.  This membership is free for team managers/volunteers.
2.  Complete Safe Sport training.  Completion will automatically attached to a managers'/volunteer's USAH number.
3.  Obtain a Mid-Am background screening.


Safe Sport Did you know? On February 14, 2018, President Trump signed into law the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and SafeSport Authorization Act of 2017 (the “Act”).   The Act includes amendments to the Victims of Child Abuse Act of 1990 (“VCAA”) (34 U.S.C. §20341) and “Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act” (36 U.S.C. §220501 et. seq.).  Amended 34 U.S.C. §20341(c)(9), under the VCAA, includes the phrase “covered individual” to mean “an adult who is authorized, by a national governing body, a member of a national governing body, or an amateur sports organization that participates in interstate or international amateur athletic competition, to interact with a minor or amateur athlete at an amateur sports organization facility or at any event sanctioned by a national governing body, a member of a national governing body, or such an amateur sports organization.  Youth hockey coaches, managers and volunteers who interact with players fall within definition of “covered individual.  Pursuant to 34 U.S.C. §20341(a)(2), “a covered individual who learns of facts that give reason to suspect that a child has suffered an incident of child abuse, including sexual abuse, shall” report the abuse within twenty-four (24) hours to law enforcement.  Failure to report subjects a covered individual to a fine and imprisonment of up to one (1) year under 18 U.S.C. §2258.  Also, under the Act, the U.S. Center for SafeSport has been tasked with formulating SafeSport policies. 

Screening – Screening will continue to be required of any adult who has “access” to minor aged hockey players.  Screening must be accomplished prior to access to children and must be renewed every two (2) years pursuant to requirements of Safe Sport.  For current screening, to go: and follow the prompts.  See website for additional information.

by posted 09/11/2018

If you have not participated in the past but would like to details on the program and how to enroll are listed below.


The Cincinnati Swords is enrolled in the Kroger Community Rewards program for the upcoming year and are pleased to offer ALL members the opportunity to participate.  You must register your Kroger Plus Card Number online and select Queen City Hockey Association (NPO Number TT350) as your participating organization (see detailed instructions below).  Once you are registered, you only need to use your Kroger Plus card and you will accumulate rewards.  Quarterly, Kroger will distribute $1,000,000 to all participating organizations based on their percentage of spending.  Our allocation of the Kroger funds is outlined below.
We hope that all Swords families will participate to help offset their hockey costs.  If you have any questions, please email Melanie Luft at You must register with the NPO number TT350; old CAHA or Queen City team participation numbers are void.
The Kroger Co. will distribute funds on a quarterly basis with statements and donations being sent on or before September 15, December 15, March 15 and June 15. 
Families will need to provide an email copy of Kroger funds earned each quarter and funds will be applied directly to a skater's program.  Funds can be used for any Swords or Sabres online registration.  Your friends and family may also sign up on your behalf but will need to provide the necessary information to us each quarter for you to receive credit.

 If a skater’s family decides to no longer participate with Queen City Hockey Association and has outstanding funds, all funds will be allocated to the general fund as we are not allowed to distribution funds to individuals and all funds must be used for our organization’s purpose which is youth hockey.  Funds can be held for up to four cycles.  After that, any unused funds will be transferred to the general fund.
Already a Kroger Community Rewards Participant?
Go to

Click on “Sign In” and log into your account

Under Community Rewards click Re-enroll and enter Queen City Hockey Association in the Search bar

Be sure to select Queen City Hockey Association TT350 and click Enroll at the bottom
New to the Kroger Community Rewards Program and have a Kroger Plus Card?
Go to
Click “Create An Account”
Enter your email address and create a password
Enter your Store Preference (be sure to do this)
Enter your Kroger Plus Number or Alternate ID

Click Enter – this creates a general account and then you need to sign up for the Kroger Community Rewards outlined above.
New to the Kroger Community Rewards Program and do NOT have a Kroger Plus Card?
You must obtain a Kroger Plus Card at your local Kroger Store and then complete the steps above.


by posted 04/02/2016
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